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About Us

Welcome to New Salem Baptist Church

New Salem Baptist Church is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life who understand they need to continually rely on God. We aren’t perfect, but we seek a perfect God who cares and desires to be active in our daily life.

Since the beginning God has continued to move in a powerful way and our story has continued to unfold. As we have experienced seasons of transition, God has always shown Himself faithful and has brought us to a place of dependence upon Him in every way. In every season of ministry together God has continually done more than we ever could have expected.

He has taught us over and over again that the work being done here is His work. We each play our part, but ultimately it's the work of His hands... we plant, we water and participate in whatever way He calls us to, but ultimately He imparts the life and He gives the increase. When we get out of the way, He takes things to levels far beyond what we could dream.

The leadership of New Salem Baptist Church recognizes that Jesus alone leads the church and seeks to stay close to Him in all that He calls us to do. As we move forward we look for God to mold and shape us in a way that we would continually grow in our effectiveness of fulfilling our commission.